Relevant communication media

Communication media – Covering a subject in a journalistic way, writing a dossier or a white paper, writing institutional, commercial or technical-commercial texts require mastered writing skills to offer the reader documented, precise and understandable information.

Editorial and content production, the different publication and communication media

Numerous publication media are available. Among them, corporate brochures and printed product sheets that are then distributed during professional events. As for the texts intended for publications on a website, they must be designed to improve SEO.

The external corporate magazine is a very interesting communication media. Wisely constructed, it is both outward-looking and inward-looking. Indeed, on the external level, it allows to share knowledge, to be better known, to consolidate a position of leadership. But it also has a strong internal impact. First of all, it mobilizes employees, develops the feeling and pride of belonging to the same company, and above all puts the customer at the heart of everyone’s concerns.

A well considered design

Because the content of the magazine and its layout must instill a good reading dynamic, it is important to alternate articles, short stories, visuals and special features. Therefore its design should not be neglected and all steps should be carefully thought out.

  • Definition of the concept and naming of the magazine
  • Sections and content
  • Target, languages and circulation
  • Designing and setting up an editorial team
  • Budget & editorial planning

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