Website audits: regular check-ups needed

Should you carry out a website audit? Without a doubt, the answer is yes. In the B2B realm, the company’s website is its institutional and commercial showcase. It reflects your image and, as a consequence, your reputation depends on it. While it is often undertaken before an overhaul, the audit should be carried out regularly to make sure that the site is meeting your objectives.

User experience

Search engines place importance on a website’s user experience, which influences its ranking. Issues that you should not neglect include the clarity of the home page, display speed, and menu accessibility. Trends in graphics change as fast as fashion, and site design is no exception. A website must be modern and offer an optimal experience on various devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. In other words, the site must use responsive design.

Content and SEO

A website has a wide variety of content within its pages. This includes articles and news items, product descriptions, images and infographics. First, content plays an essential role in a website’s indexation by search engines. It then has a direct impact on visitors’ behavior. Information must be organized, and pages attractive. Coherent content will quickly hook visitors and encourage them to continue visiting.


Gathering data on your audience is essential. The only way to know exactly whether the website is reaching your objectives is to study this data. Among the data to be analyzed: the traffic curve, time spent on articles or product pages, visitors’ geographic location and the bounce rate. The conclusions of the website’s audit will then shed light on the various corrective actions to take.

Therefore, it is essential to carry out a regular audit of the user experience, content and audience. A site overhaul is not always necessary. Sometimes, simply rewriting text, improving content, or reorganizing the pages to influence natural SEO is enough to boost visits and the conversion rate.

Before you consider a total overhaul of your site, take advantage of our experience. Ask for an audit of your site.