IV from packaging to filling

Whether derived from traditional chemistry or biological organisms, intravenous drugs play a major role in modern medicine. Driven by innovative therapies and anticancer drugs, they are increasing significantly. The global market for intravenous therapy is expected to exceed $11 billion by 2027. Interest in flexible packaging continues to grow, and Europe has the largest number of suppliers of both products and associated equipment (administration kits, catheters, primary and secondary packaging, infusion p umps, etc.).

Delta Insight shares the special report produced for The Pharmaceutical Post magazine. In this issue:

  • IV drugs, primary packaging and CMO-CDMO: an mainly European ecosystem
  • Inert polymers and flexible containers are opening up new opportunities,
  • Advanced PolyPropylene, films that meet regulatory requirements
  • Technoflex focuses on innovation
  • Bag filling is now offered in the United States