Ackomas’ new website unveiled

Delta Insight is proud to present the result of a close collaboration between Ackomas, Iris Interactive and Delta Insight: the new Ackomas website.

Make regulatory information accessible and understandable

The company is specialized in unit identification, management and analysis of Track & Trace data in the fields of medical devices, pharmaceutical industry, but also wines and spirits. These are fields where international regulations are constantly evolving and have repercussions on industrial companies and their production. The main challenge was therefore to make regulatory information accessible while facilitating research, but also to make this information clear and understandable.

Completely revamped and resolutely modern, the new site combines functionality and ergonomics. All regulations and updates are available via an integrated search engine on the home page. Visitors simply select the geographical area, category and/or type of medical device to filter the results. Additional information is also provided in an FAQ at the end of the article.