A very unique event

Connect in Pharma has just unveiled a charity partnership with EspeRare and SbD Creative to raise funds for rare disease research. Several initiatives will be deployed. First of all, an art exhibition entitled “Days of Rare” will present photographs and video interviews of people suffering from rare diseases. This is the case of Tayen, 15 years old, who is featured on the poster of the exhibition. Tayen has hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, a genetic disorder characterized by decreased or absent sweating leading to heat intolerance and can be life threatening. Ceridwen Hughes, photographer and director of SbD Creative, and her team are behind the sublime staging of the photographs. Each of them invites the spectator to better know the patients and the impact of their disease in their lives. Second initiative, the organizers of the exhibition are committed to donating 5 Swiss francs for each visitor who walks through the doors of Connect in Pharma. The goal is to raise 20,000 Swiss francs. A sum that will notably allow the launch of the first research for a new drug development program.